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Large unisex Street Life backpack

€110,00 €75,00

Spacious unisex backpack made of soft artificial leather with subtle metallic details. It has internal and external pockets that close with zippers and the back straps are adjustable to the desired height.

Strains with a special cord and the lid closes with a special grip. Ideal for everyday and business use.

Product characteristics

Product length: 35 cm
Product width: 11 cm
Product height: 40 cm

Greek construction

Quality of materials

At THIROS we use high quality materials from Greece and Italy. All our bags and accessories are designed in the heart of Athens and manufactured with high demands for the best result.


The first THIROS store was opened in Tsakalov, soon there were five stores and there were about thirty franchises throughout Greece. When the crisis swept everything, THIROS adapted and the models being designed had to be not only beautiful but also economical. From the golden twenty years between 1990 and 2010 until today one thing has not changed. The love and care with which every THIROS bag and accessory is designed and manufactured.

Product care

THIROS bags and accessories are made with top quality leather and artificial leather, product care is of the utmost importance to keep your THIROS bag as it was the first day you got it.

Large unisex Street Life backpack

€110,00 €75,00